Școala Doctorală ULIM

Ethical Principles


The scientific journal EcoSoEn has a list of ethical principles for authors that they should read before they submit an article:

  • The article should not be a copy of one or more works that were published already;
  • The authors should present original works;
  • If the authors used in the article some ideas, definitions or phrases from other works they should make reference to the original source;
  • The plagiarism and all its forms is an ethical misconduct and is unacceptable;
  • The author should not publish works that in their essence represent the same research in many issues of the journal, just in one;
  • The author should not publish the same article in more than one journal, it is unacceptable;
  • The author can translate their articles respecting the conditions that the translated version reflects the same data and information as in the primary article which should be cited in the translated work.


All submitted materials are tested in the free plagiarism checker http://www.detectareplagiat.ro