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Copyright. Copyright without restrictions

The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and will retain publishing rights without restrictions.

The submitted papers are assumed to contain no proprietary material unprotected by patent or patent application; responsibility for technical content and for protection of proprietary material rests solely with the author(s) and their organizations and is not the responsibility of the journal EcoSoEn or its Editorial Board. The main (first/corresponding) author is responsible for ensuring that the article has been seen and approved by all the other authors. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain all necessary copyright release permissions for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript priorto the submission (DECLARATION ON OWN RESPONSABILITY).

The rights of the author

Dear Author, it is important to check the policy for the journal to which you are submitting or publishing to establish your rights as Author. Our standard policies allow the following re-use rights

  • You may do whatever you wish with the version of the article you submitted to the journal.
  • Once the article has been accepted for publication, you may post the accepted version of the article on your own personal website, your department’s website or the repository of your institution without any restrictions.
  • You may use the published article for your own teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis to research colleagues, provided that such supply is not for commercial purposes.
  • You may use the article in a book authored or edited by you at any time after publication in the journal. This does not apply to books where you are contributing a chapter to a book authored or edited by someone else.
  • You may post the published article on a website or in a repository (like MPRA) you like, and to mention that it was published in EcoSoEn, giving the respective metadata of the puiblished article.

All submitted materials are tested in the free plagiarism checker http://www.detectareplagiat.ro