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Scientific Journal "EcoSoEn" / Revistă ştiinţifică "EcoSoEn"

The journal EcoSoEn, “Scientific Journal: Economics, Social and Engineering Sciences” is issued by the Publishing House of the Free International University of Moldova, Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova (ISSN 2587-344X, E-ISSN 2587-425X, It is a scientific/academic journal of the Doctoral School of Economic, Social and Informational Technologies Sciences of the University. It is focused on the studies and research from three domains: economic sciences, social sciences and IT sciences.
The journal is issued in four volumes per year, all published articles are reviewed by means of peer-review.
The main goal of the journal is to disseminate in the autochthonous and international space the results and data of the theoretical and applicative research on actual issues that are important for the social-economic development in the context of social changes.
The other important goal is to provide a complementary material of study for interested individuals, as well as to support the efforts of young and dedicated researchers.

The scientific journal is indexed in the following international databases / Revista științifică este indexată în următoarele baze de date internaţionale: CEEOL, DOAJ, IBN, INDEX COPERNICUS, Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA),

Information for the Authors / Informații pentru autori / Требования к публикациям

Open Access Policy

EcoSoEn is scientific journal that use a process of peer-review, with open access – free on-line access. According to the definition of “Open Access” of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the users have the right to “read, download, copy, print, distribute, search, or create links” to the full text of articles. Submitting an article the authors are signing a statement according to which they agree on it (Statement).

EcoSoEn supports „The Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY)” that allows users to copy, distribute and transmit an article, adapt the article and make commercial and non-commercial use of the article, as long as the author is properly attributed. Authors grant the MSU a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.

This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.

Copyright. Copyright without restrictions

Ethical Principles


The scientific journal EcoSoEn has a list of ethical principles for authors that they should read before they submit an article:

  • The article should not be a copy of one or more works that were published already;
  • The authors should present original works;
  • If the authors used in the article some ideas, definitions or phrases from other works they should make reference to the original source;
  • The plagiarism and all its forms is an ethical misconduct and is unacceptable;
  • The author should not publish works that in their essence represent the same research in many issues of the journal, just in one;
  • The author should not publish the same article in more than one journal, it is unacceptable;
  • The author can translate their articles respecting the conditions that the translated version reflects the same data and information as in the primary article which should be cited in the translated work.


All submitted materials are tested in the free plagiarism checker