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EcoSoEn, Scientific Journal Economics, Social and Engineering Sciences Year 6, Nr.2/2023


Challenges of marketing activities for the development of ecological poultry

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.01

CZU: 338.43+658.8

JEL: M31, Q13

Gangan Svetlana  

Burbulea Rodica 

Gangan Iulian 

Methods of mathematical modeling in the management of socio-economic processes: game theory

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.02

CZU: 519.87:330.04

JEL: C15, C63, C70

Клименко Ирина 

Enhancing data security and protection in marketing: a comparative analysis of Golang and PHP approaches

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.03

CZU: 339.138+004.056

JEL: М31, M38

Robu Elena 

Ecosystem elements in innovative pedagogy in Israel

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.04

CZU: 378.1+331.1

JEL: 378.1, 331.1

Blagorazumnaya Olga 

Israeli Milana 

Youth and sustainable consumption: understanding awareness and adoption trends

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.05

CZU: 316.34+358.31

JEL: E2, Q10

Buzdugan Adriana 

Nepotu Lucia 

The evolution of diaspora indigenous theoretical approaches from the perspective of the economic development of the Republic of Moldova

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.06

CZU: 314.17

JEL: F22, F63

Filip Nelli 

Chirvas Cristina 

Organizational resilience in conditions of uncertainty

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.14

CZU: 334.72+65.01

JEL: D81, Q01

Ţîmbaliuc Natalia 

Regulation of humanitarian assistance in the context of armed conflicts: an economic perspective

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.15

CZU: 327.56+327.78

JEL: H84, F35

Guşanu Corneliu 

Social representation of academic underachievement among primary school students: a teachers’ perspective

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.07

CZU: 316.454.3

Tufeanu Magda 

Robu Viorel 

Social and psychological factors of deviant behavior of adolescents

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.08

CZU: 316.454.2

Асеева Юлия 

Ковальская Наталья 

Возний Денис 

Корженко Виктория

Dynamics of the development of emotional hearing through play in preschoolers with hearing disabilities

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.09

CZU: 159.98

Ciubotaru Natalia 

The training of social competence in aggressive preadolescents

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.10

CZU: 316.612

Savca Lucia 

Nandor Nemes Madoxa 

The inclusion of LGBTQIA+ university students on campus: some practical aspects

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.11

CZU: 316.454.2

Bulboacă Gabriel 

The experimental program «developing social intelligence in primary school students»

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.12

CZU: 159.9:316

Guțul Aliona 

Socio-psychological content analysis of Ego-defense mechanisms in a personal myth of a student, future translator

DOI: 10.54481/ecosoen.2023.3.13

CZU: 316.4+316.6

Ротару Сильвия 

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